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How to Watch NFR 2021 Live Stream Online

National Final Rodeo is a prevalent sport in the world. The NFR 2021 will take place from 2nd December to 11th December at the Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, United States. This event will be covering activities such as bull riding, barrel racing, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, bareback riding, steer wrestling, and barrel racing.

NFR 2021 Streaming info
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The Cowboy Channel (real-time)Watch HereNFR
RFD-TV (real-time)Watch HereNFR
Cowboy Channel Plus (12 hours delay)Watch Here


Do not have the means to attends the Wrangler NFR? For those who will not be able to make it to this grand event of the year, there are various ways through which you can watch all the activities taking place through the 10days event.

National Finals Rodeo 2021
Start DateThurstday, December 2, 2021
End DateSaturday, December 11, 2021
StadiumThomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, United States
TV NetworkThe Cowboy Channel+
OnlineWatch NOW

2021 NFR Live Stream (Free Guide)

If you are located in the USA, you can easily get access to live streaming of the NFR 2021 using the various channels such as The Cowboy Channel and Wrangler Network, which are the two main sites that are popular in broadcasting the NFR. Others channel where you can stream the National Final Rodeo, especially for people that are located outside the United States include the following:


Roku device users with DirecTV Now (now change to AT&T TV NOW) subscription can enjoy the NFR championship every day, round-the-clock. It grants them access to catch glimpses of NFR actions on The Cowboy Channel. The plus package costs $70 per month, and it extends to myriads of platforms, including ESPN.

Wrangler NFR season is here again, and the TCC remains the principal broadcasters of the highly prestigious championship

Hulu with Live TV

You can watch live games and actions of the NFR 2021 through the Hulu streaming platform. Hulu has in its docket, the The Cowboy Channel and users can subscribe to watch live and on-demand sporting actions of the NFR. Users can watch live TV on their Roku devices by paying $44.99, but the cost can reduce to $39.99 if you already paid for the limit commercial plan from Hulu.

PlayStation Vue

The subscription on PlayStation Vue is $49.99 per month. It grants Roku device users the ability to stream live or on-demand versions of the TCC all access. With it, they can watch non-stop actions from the NFR 2021 games along with side other popular sports networks such as ESPN.


fuboTV is another top streaming platform. You can watch Rodeo news, highlights, and live NFR games from the The Cowboy Channel+. The monthly subscription fee for fuboTV is $54.99 per month. fuboTV offers more because it grants access to over 600 live sports networks.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is ideal for NFR fans who are busy and not available to watch live games of the NFR. It has a wide range of features, including live and on-demand games, and The Cowboy Channel+ can be accessed. Simply subscribe with $49.99 per month, and you will have access to watch the NFR games on demand. YouTube TV platform will record and save games for you to watch in your free time. Fans can make multiple subscriptions for using different profiles.

What channel is the National Finals Rodeo on?

Do you anticipate the National Finals Rodeo? You are not alone. There are many fans across the globes who are also expecting this exciting final which to take place from 2nd of December to 11th of December.

The final will take place at the Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas,United States. For those who will not be able to reach the venue, they can find everything on The Cowboy Channel+. The channel can be accessed through DirecTV channel 221 and DISH channel 158.

For those who will want to stream online, then they should try the service of ProRodeoTV.

Watch NFR live on Roku

From home, a plethora of viewers can comfortably watch live games and stream every event live on their devices. Owners of Roku devices are usually perplexed on how to watch 2021 NFR live stream.

The answer is not far-fetched as they can watch NFR 2021 on Roku and join the excitement from home through the TCC. Roku devices are quite friendly with the TCC, so get ready for the Rodeo news, highlights, interviews, and horse races.

Hulu, PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, AT&T TV Now, FuboTV, and other online streaming platforms will deliver the NFR 2021 to your Roku device through the The Cowboy Channel+.

Your Roku device can help a great deal in projecting your live games and events of the NFR 2021. You can watch the The Cowboy Channel+ via your favorite Roku devices. Are you still pondering on how to stream live or on-demand the NFR championship on your Roku devices? Simply harness popular streaming services and keep yourself abreast of the latest actions in NFR 2021.

Watch NFR online Using VPN

For most of these channels, they can only be accessed in certain countries, while in other countries, these sites are blocked. Since most of these sites are blocked based on location, the perfect option, if you want to bypass these kinds of restrictions in your country, is by use of a VPN.

What Is A VPN

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that is used in adding privacy and security to both your public and private Networks. This is a perfect option since it will hide your IP address and provide you with an IP address of the locations in which the above sites are not blocked, and hence you can watch the NFR at the comfort of your home.

How can I use VPN to Watch NFR 2021?

With a VPN, you can connect remotely to servers that are located in various countries that allow the viewing of the sites that you desire to view. Rodeo fans will be able to watch NFR live stream internationally using VPN. Before choosing a VPN service provider, you have to make sure that the VPN is reliable, fast, has several servers that you can connect to, and its affordability is within your budget. Below are some of the VPN that you can use to watch NFR 2021.

  • IPVanish

 This is a very reliable VPN service provider that gives you more than 60 servers that you can connect to and watch NFR stream. The monthly subscription plan for this VPN provider costs $10, or you can choose a quarterly subscription plan of $26.99 that is for three months, or you can choose the $77.99 for an annual subscription. If you do not like this plan, you can cancel the plan within 7 days, and you are assured that you will get all your money.

  • ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN service provider offer over 90 servers to which you can connect to. This is a high-speed and reliable VPN that will allow you to stream NFR without buffering issues. This VPN service provider has three subscription plans that is the $12.95 monthly subscription, the $59.95 semi-annual subscription, and the annual subscription that costs $99.95. All of these plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with their services.

  • NordVPN

With this VPN service provider, you will get access to more than 60 servers that you will be connecting to. NordVPN is very fast and reliable as compared to most of the VPN service provider. This VPN has $ plans that you can choose from, and this includes the monthly subscription of $11.95, the semi-annual subscription of $54, the annual subscription of $83.88, and the bi-annual subscription $95.75.

Last Words

The National Final Rodeo is incredible that you can’t miss attending, but if you miss, you can’t also lose watching it. For the millions of Rodeo fans in various countries across the globe, it can be challenging to get a platform where you can view this event since some of these sites are blocked in several countries. To make sure that no episode of NFR happens without you watching the action, you need to sign up for one of the above VPN service providers as it will always solve all your challenges.

The 2021 National Finals Rodeo (NFR) is around the corner, and fans of the Rodeo games, enthusiasts, cowboys, and cowgirls are ready to enjoy 12 days of uninterrupted Rodeo performances.

Download NFR Mobile Apps

Although rodeo is an old skill that was designed in training cowboys, it has now become a popular sport that is appealing to millions of people. By no means do these folks have issues with creating and embracing the current technology. The best way of ensuring that these millions of people continue enjoying the sport easily, a mobile app was developed by Wrangler National Final Rodeo.

NFR 2020 Streaming info
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The mobile app is already in its 8th version, which has been relaunched in October with advanced and new features. This is a great opportunity that allows Rodeo fans to experience this breathtaking event from the comfort of their hands.

The NFR mobile app serves as a guide for all fans whether you have made your way to Texas for the competition or you are shopping at Cowboy Christmas, or you are checking in or out of the various events that are taking place during the NFR or you are just watching the NFR from a viewing party.

Since several rodeo fans and other consumers continue relying on mobile devices, enhancing mobile devices every year has been a priority. With the advancement of technology, there are several features that fans are offered to help them as they plan for their NFR experience that will be taking place from 3rd – 12th December 2020.

Some of the new features that have been added to the mobile app include the hot category, enhanced parking maps and diagrams, and fans will also be able to access all the NFR news and blogs. Fans can also access NFR Extra Podcast and Spotify integration through the NFR podcast links and Playlist. The cowboy, highlight, and stats link offer fans with daily content and features.

As a wrangler fan, you can download the app for free, and below are some of the features that the NFR mobile app has.

  • Blogs and News: This feature enables you to follow the various NFR bloggers, and you can also connect with friends, and other rodeo fans through social media and the news and blog feature ensure that you are up to date in regards to NFR.
  • Tickets: With this feature, you get all the necessary information regarding the management of your ticket and how you can access StubHub.
  • Schedule: Here, you will get the list of the time of all performance, and this includes the NFR 9-5< Cowboys activities and NFR after dark.
  • Beyond the dirt: If you do not have a ticket, you can watch beyond the dirt, which is a live satellite feed for NFR.
  • Parking maps and diagrams: This gives all the parking maps and details for Las Vegas, Globe Life Field,Arlington,Texas,United States and Cowboy Christmas.
  • Junior world finals: This will enable you to follow the action during the ten days in the arena.
  • Stats, Highlights, and cowboys: This feature will provide you with the daily world standings and results, and you will also be able to check the bios of various contestants.
  • Cowboy Christmas: This feature provides information on the official Wrangler NFR gift show and a list of interactive areas and exhibitors.
  • NFR podcast and playlist: This feature enables you to check the NFR Extra Podcast and listen to your favorite playlist.

There is no better way that you can plan for your Wrangler NFR experience if not by the use of the NFR mobile app. Make your NFR experience and fun by downloading this app on your Android or IOs device either on the App Store or the Google Play store and get all the NFR updates.

Stream NFR Live 2020 on Wrangler Network

The National Final Rodeo event ends the season championship for PRCA, and it is the Super Bowl of Rodeo. Taking place at the Globe Life Field,Arlington,Texas,United States at the University of Nevada for ten days, this is a platform that gives the competitors an annual prize that has a worth of more than $10 million. Being an annual event, the NFR 2020 will be taking place from 3rd -12th December 2020.

NFR 2020 Streaming info
 StreamingCoupon (50% Off)
NFRPass.Com (real-time)Watch Herenfr50 (real-time)Watch Herenfr50

The event covers barrel racing, saddle bronc riding, bull riding, team roping, steer wrestling, tie-down roping, and bareback riding. There are thousands of people who will be streaming into Texas just o experience this thrilling experience that is filled both with fear, danger, and excitement.

Not all of us will have the means and opportunity to be in the arena to watch the exciting NFR. Wondering where you can view this event live as it takes place? There are several networks that air this event, such as TCC, Roku, and Wrangler networks.

How to watch NFR 2020 on The Cowboy Channel+?

There are several TV channels that will air the NFR 2020 championship, but TCC is the primary channel for airing this exciting event. The Cowboy Channel+ will be covering all the events that will take place during the ten days, and this will allow you to watch the action as it occurs from your favorite hangout.

The NFR will only be shown in TCC media since this is an exclusive deal between the PRCA and the network. For viewers in the USA, you can watch the event live on TCC, but for other viewers located outside the USA, you can watch the event the following day on ProRodeo TV. To catch the rodeo actin for all the ten days, you only need to buy a package that is less than $80.

Wrangler Network Live stream

Wrangle network is a popular rodeo channel that will offer you the gossip, a fresh buzz, and updates of the NFR. If you may be unable to watch the NFR event from TCC or ProRodeo TV, the other option that you have is to stream the event, including the award ceremonies.

What is Wrangler network?

This is a 24hour channel that will give you all the updates in regards to the National Final Rodeo. This includes the qualification posts and video and other additional information that may deem necessary. It also provides knowledge on facts on Rodeo that you may be interested in knowing.

The funny moments, the competition highlights, and the prize are also posted on the network. The best choice you can make is by visiting the Wrangler network at any given time since you will not miss any clip of the event.

How to watch Rodeo on Wrangler Network

Although there is no freeway of viewing the live stream of NFR, the Wrangler Network airs the NFR live events as they occur. All you need to do is buy a Wrangler NFR subscription, which costs $79.99, and this is a onetime fee. This network allows for on-demand viewing access or lives viewing access. With this subscription, you have on-demand access to all the NFR 2020 performances till the 1st of January of the following year.

The National Final Rodeo is a defining period and a landmark event in any given year. All the events and festivities that take place during this great event are must participate and see event if your financial means allow you to, but if you can’t, you can always watch the event on The Cowboy Channel+, or you can opt for live streaming on Wrangler Network.